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What you say is

only your business

Hide. Encrypt. Communicate.

Encrypted messages, file transfers, calls and video conferences, all integrated into a super app (powered by VOBP) that secures and encrypts all your communication. State-of-the-art technology ensures your every interaction with other users is protected. No one, including us, can listen to your calls, read your messages or compromise your file transfers.

Get together in

Wispr organization

Communication security is provided by the use of VOBP and the latest multiple layers of encryption and security tools that ensure your conversations are yours and yours alone. Confident, secure communication.
do-not BE AWARE

The security and

the integrity of your

data can be altered

if your device

is compromised.

do-not BE AWARE

Choosing multimedia-optimized products available on the market does not ensure your privacy or security.




with all the devices

from organization.


Securely communicate with your friends, family and partners.

Say everything

Send everything

Encrypted text messages
Heavily encrypted messages that ensure your communication privacy and deny third party access.
Encrypted audio messages
No one can eavesdrop on your audio messages as they are protected with the latest encryption protocols.
Encrypted video calls
Face-to-face secured communication ensured by the member’s individual encryption keys.
Encrypted voice calls
Securely communicate with your partners without the risk of being intercepted.
Encrypted group chat
Private encryption keys exchange between every member ensures group text and audio message’s integral security.
Encrypted group call
Make secure and crystal-clear voice and video calls with your friends, family and business partners.
Encrypted group video
Secure video conferencing service provides a simple way to maintain effective communication with your partners.
Send all types of files

Encryption begins

with your phone number

Remain anonymous with Matrix ID as your phone number is converted into a code xae38s25c56c2883e34esab

Stay in the Matrix Ghost mode and connect with your partners using only Matrix ID

No servers — No problems

We can’t read your messages or listen to your calls and no one else can either

Peer-to-peer connection between users in order to avoid the risks of cyber attacks or information leakage

Encryption continues

in every step you take

VOBP is an unique Private Key generator

For every session at different times

For every message you’ve sent

For every user you've chatted with

Public key exchange for every conversation

No need to worry because the Private Keys are automatically destroyed at the end of every session

The highest standard in data security, used globally to encrypt top-secret information.

AES - 256



How are you?

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No matter the apps

You are not always protected

Using devices that were not designed for security and encryption will always put you at risk as they have preinstalled apps that track and collect your data.

Cyber security
When 100%
is just
NOT enough
Vulnerable parts
Choosing multimedia optimized products available on the market does not ensure your privacy or security.
Your device can be accessed
Regular devices can be hacked or spied on as they do not use encryption layers for securing users’ data.
Your device can be compromised
Browsing on shady websites or even clicking on the wrong page may initiate a malware attack.