TinkR Encrypted PC


Big benefits.

From small sizes.

Security. Spectral. Guardian.

An ultra-compact mini PC created to be the flagship validator in the Xiden ecosystem that provides flexible and comprehensive solutions for a wide range of applications. The integrated CryptoDATA OS transforms TinkR into a one-of-a-kind device which combines smart design with high-performance to provide the best advantages for users.

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Hardware secured
impulse-secured impulse-encrypted
Software secured
impulse-secured impulse-encrypted
Operating system secured
secured encrypted
Telecommunications secured
secured encrypted
Data transfers secured
secured encrypted
Encryption protocol
secured encrypted
secured encrypted
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
secured encrypted
Secured secured Encrypted encrypted

The power of

CryptoDATATM OS on TinkR.

Dual OS mini PC that ensures user’s data security at all times. CryptoDATA OS is designed for your encrypted communication and regular OS for conducting regular daily activities.

the way
you work.
CryptoDATA OS is designed for your encrypted communication and regular OS for conducting regular daily activities.
Designed to
Safeguard users’
Privacy & ensure
Data security.
Hardware encrypted
Using CryptoDATA OS all your data is secured and safely encrypted.
cryptodata-os Privacy
Encrypted store
Discover innovative ways to secure your communication and sensitive data | transfer via a suite of encrypted apps available in our encrypted store.
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Denied 3rd-party apps installation
Protecting the user from malicious attacks, harmful programs installation and also it notifies the user when unsecured devices request connection.
Unsecured connections warning
Unsecured Incoming Connection
Protection against infected files
Protected against malicious code infection or any other known vulnerabilities.



Full Metal

TinkR is available in two exquisite finishes.
tinkr pc tinkr pc
tinkr pc tinkr pc Compact
tinkr pc tinkr pc Exquisite
Performance No project is
Too big.
Empowers real-time computing in digital surveillance, new in-vehicle experiences, advancements in industrial and office automation, new solutions for retail and medical, and more. The processor is based on the Goldmont architecture, utilizing Intel’s industry-leading 14 nm process technology.
Up to vobp Immersive graphics & performance.
Ultra vobp Fast video acceleration.
Up to vobp Independent 4K UHD displays.
Up to vobp Simultaneous 1080p streams.

Work at

Full speed

The next generation of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & USB 3 is not just faster but it makes TinkR even easier to keep your accessories connected.

Connectivity More ways to
Stay connected
Wi-Fi The next generation of Wi-Fi doesn’t provide only mobility and fastness, it also provides a stable connection for data transfer and communication.
wifi Next generation
Card reader Unique feature integrated into the TinkR PC to offer a simple and secure method for fast data transfer between your devices.
sd-card eMMC &
SD Card
Bluetooth Multiple connections between your devices for any type of data transfer: music, photos, videos and documents.
bluetooth Bluetooth
Low Energy
Less noise, more efficiency The fan operates at high efficiency and produces less than 45 decibels when TinkR is fully loaded. When you use TinkR, it is whisper-quiet most of the time.
Lighting fast ports Transfer data at up to 10Gb/s charge and power external devices. Connect one external display up to 4K and two second displays with HDMI up to 4K.
up to 10GB/s
Designed for ultimate flexibility Take control of your workspace with a new form factor that combines the sleekness of an all-in-one with the flexibility of a desktop. Its unique modularity, compact design and power savings create a truly innovative experience.
tinkr Sooo tiny It fits anywhere. Looks great also.
Always on, just like you TinkR brings up to 16GB of superfast memory. This high-bandwidth, low-latency memory allows apps to share data between the CPU and GPU efficiently — so everything you do is fast and fluid.

Remain anonymous with

Zero-knowledge services

Communication security is ensured by the use of VOBP and multiple integrated encryption algorithms such as AES-256, asymmetric key generation and private and public key exchange.

isn’t required when
creating your digital
identity with our
Blockchain technologyed
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Be part of the biggest
decentralized network.
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tinkr A redefined smart device that will unlock the full potential of blockchain technology by creating new and innovative business opportunities. Learn more
Storage 256GB
Computing 140Cycles
Consumption 24(+/-10%)