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For IMPulse K1 & BASM

A guide to help you get started with your new BASM laptop. Learn how to set up your device.

For IMPulse K1 & BASM

Open the

Vault App

Open the Vault app to
configure your Private Key

Create a Matrix ID

Create a Matrix ID using Vault.

Select your Matrix ID

Select your Matrix ID in WispR app

For Android

A guide to help you get started with your new WispR app. Learn how to set up your Android device.

Download WispR app

Download the WispR app, available on Google Play and coming soon on Apple Store.

Insert your
phone number

Insert your phone number.

Confirm your
phone number

Confirm your phone number by inserting the code received via sms.


account settings

Configure your personalized account settings like:
  • Language
  • Keyboard
  • Location
  • Time zone

Set disk

encryption password


Your password must be kept confidential at all times. The password should never be shared or exposed to others. No one should have access to your login credentials, therefore we strongly recommend storing them in a secure place.
Disk protocol uses a strong encryption algorithm and consequently the restoration of CryptoDATA OS will not be possible in case of forgetting or losing your password, as CryptoDATA Tech Co. does not collect, use or store user data.


This guide will help you configure your app and access all WispR features.
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