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IMPulse K1 Gold

349 USD

Fully encrypted. Fully secured. Absolute privacy. Experience unparalleled privacy and versatility with our secure dual mode phone/smartphone.

The phone that does not spy on you.

Fully encrypted. Fully secured. Absolute privacy. Experience unparalleled privacy and versatility with our secure dual mode phone/smartphone. SeamlessSmooth transition between private and professional modes, all while keeping your sensitive data safe from cyber threats. Stay one step ahead of potential breaches with our cutting-edge security features. 

Based on the latest blockchain technology & exclusively on tested components, the built-in cyber security systems - Voice over Blockchain Protocol, Worm Guard, EWTL (military-grade encrypted phone), turn IMPulse K1 into a practically impenetrable device.

Amazing performance and top-notch Privacy and Security for your communication, data storage, and transfer. Battery efficiency - enjoy up to 72 hours of encrypted calls, video calls, messages, conferences, group chat, and more, even without a mobile network connection, just using Wi-Fi. 

A collection of secure apps becomes available for you in the STORE (CryptoDATA’s system application) once you activate your phone: VAULT for managing your virtual identities, creating wallets, and depositing crypto assets; WispR (highly secured  instant messenger app) GALLERY for a secure photo upload, storage; CAMERA; DOCUMENTS and many more.  

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User manual
Network Technology
5.71''HD+ touchscreen
CryptoData ™ O.S
Chipset MTK
MTK6762, Octa core
IMG GE8320
Memory ROM
64 + 32 + 32 GB
4 GB
Camera (Front/Back)
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Dual SIM
Dual Nano SIM

Why you’ll love the IMPulse K1
Dual-mode smartphone: you can use it as a Regular phone or as a Secure, encrypted phone

IMPulse K1 as a secure phone:

  • - The latest blockchain technologies underpin the unrivaled experience of Privacy & Security when communicating, transferring and storing data

  • - End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) & Peer-to-Peer (P2P) data transfer Fully encrypted communication & fully encrypted data transfer: phone calls, video calls, messages, data files, pictures, videos, sound, etc

  • - Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) A cutting-edge security system, based on Blockchain technology, developed by CryptoDATA Tech’s engineers. Secures connection between multiple IMPulse K1 users. Ensures the fastest possible response time. Stable & continuous global coverage.

  • - Asymmetric and continuous encryption Makes the IMPulse K1 a phone that is impossible to get hacked!

  • - Private Key - Your virtual identity The IMPulse K1 comes equipped with a physical Private Key, unique for each device. It enables exclusive access to your private data stored on the blockchain. It allows you to create unlimited Matrix IDs (user identities) from a single device (no need to switch SIM Cards, as in regular devices). The Matrix ID does not require a SIM card

  • - Validator Node You can use it as a validator node. Provide user privacy and ensure data security. Built-in security-optimized features that facilitate the connection between all CryptoDATA Tech’s encrypted devices.

  • - CryptoDATA OS - the innovative operating system developed by CryptoDATA Tech Enables the device’s connection to Blockchain technology.

  • - WORM Guard - cybersecurity software, runs three protective modes automatically - defensive, preventive, and offensive. Protects your device without requiring your intervention. Detects, encrypts, and disables malicious attacks, permanently maintaining the integrity of your network. Updates itself against new cyber threats, while developing and deploying new tactics to protect and secure your device using Artificial Intelligence.

  • - CryptoDATA Applications Available in STORE, the digital distribution platform developed & managed by CryptoDATA Tech. Discover the entire array of user-friendly apps, such as:

    • - VAULT - the system application that encrypts the IMPulse K1 Private Key, creates your Blockchain account identities (Matrix IDs) and enables the secured deposit of your digital assets.

    • - WISPR - an instant messenger app, highly secured through VOBP technology and the latest layers of encryption. Keeps your privacy private: each message, photo, call/video call, or file transfer is fully private.

    • - B-MAIL - a secured and private electronic mailing platform.

    • - GALLERY - a highly secured place where you can store your photos and videos. Fast uploading time.

    • - CAMERA - take photos and make videos, edit and store them privately and securely.

    • - DOCUMENTS - includes a suite of secure and easy-to-access office programs. A private office experience on-the-go.

IMPulse K1 as a regular smartphone:

  • - You can use it with your regular SIM Card

  • - It supports the installation of Apps compatible with Android Systems

  • - It allows the use of widely available communication apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram etc.

  • - However, the installation of third party apps makes you vulnerable to data tracking and cyber attacks

Download the user manual here.

Order processing may take between 5-10 business days.
Delivery may take between 15-30 business days.
Customs information: delivery to non-EU countries may incur customs taxes. These fees are not included in the order payment and the customer is solely responsible for covering them. Device restrictions: Due to the fact that CryptoDATA's devices use an impenetrable encryption algorithm called VOBP, you may face issues importing them to certain countries because of various restrictions imposed on these types of devices by local authorities. Please consult your country's legislation before ordering in order to be sure that you can receive these devices. See more terms and conditions here.
Delivery is made using courier services only. Delivery and shipment dates are estimates, and CryptoDATA does not guarantee delivery or shipment on or by such dates. CryptoDATA will make reasonable efforts to observe its dates indicated for delivery or other performance, however, CryptoDATA shall not be liable in any way for delays due to unforeseen circumstances or to causes beyond its control, including, without limitation, strike, lockout, embargo, riot, war, act of terrorism, fire, act of God, accident, failure or breakdown of components necessary to order completion, subcontractor, supplier or Customer caused delays, inability to obtain labor, materials or manufacturing facilities, or compliance with any law, regulation or order.

IMPULSE has a completely new operating system - CryptoDATA OS. 100% safe and with a user-friendly interface. Interested developers can create and upload apps on IMP BCloud, compatible with both IOS and Android (operating systems). Every app will be tested and verified by the CryptoDATA team, in order to keep and improve the users’ security.
EarPods Wireless
Lightning CABLE - USB TYPE C
Power Adaptor
Wireless Charger