BASM - Secure Laptop

BASM Laptop

699 USD

BASM (Blockchain Advanced Security Machine) is a top secure laptop - the ultimate defense against cyber threats. 

BASM (Blockchain Advanced Security Machine) is a top secure laptop - the ultimate defense against cyber threats. 

With military-grade security measures, top-notch encryption and a unique multi-layered security architecture, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is safe and secure. Experience complete peace of mind with top-tier security features. For personal & business use. 

The BASM secure laptop is built on high-end Blockchain technologies. Fully encrypted, user-friendly, elegant, and developed in tune with your needs. Get the advantage of quickly switching between the two operating systems it comes equipped with - CryptoDATA O.S.  and a regular O.S. of your choice.

A must-have tool equipped with ultimate built-in security and privacy protection. Indispensable for professionals, business people, students, and anyone who understands that privacy is a right, not a privilege. 

The BASM laptop provides the highest protection against cyber threats like hackers and malware, using exclusively tested components.

Acquaint yourself with the unique experience of communicating, transferring, and storing the entire array of digital files in a top-tier secured environment. This becomes possible due to the groundbreaking technologies that the BASM laptop incorporates. 

CryptoDATA O.S. is the innovative operating system purpose-built by CrypoDATA Tech to ensure the devices topmost cyber security and privacy. 

Download & install CryptoDATA OS for free all the secure and verified apps made available for you in STORE, the distribution platform developed by CryptoDATA Tech.

The regular mode O.S. offers the possibility to get connected with similar devices and provides separate storage to install and configure your desired operating system (e.g. Windows, Ubuntu etc.)

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User manual
Main display
14.1-inch (diagonal) 1920 x 1080 IPS LCD
Secondary display
5 inches (diagonal) 1280 x 720
8GB memory DDR4
Operating system
CryptoData™ O.S.
8th gen I3
Intel® UHD Graphics 620
2x SSD M.2 256GB
Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
7.4 V/6000 mAh
  • - Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) (VoBP)* employs encrypted communication channels for you to send messages, emails, photos, and documents of all types or engage in video conferences.

  • - VAULT enables you to create multiple Blockchain identities and securely store your digital assets.

  • - MATRIX ID to create unlimited digital identities

  • - WispR an instant messaging application with a user-friendly interface. Enables you to communicate (voice, video calls, and data transfers) in a fully secure and private environment.

  • - EWTL - ensures a military-grade of security. It encrypts your location so you can reveal it only to the chosen ones.

  • - Private Key - a physical key that stands for your digital identity. Use it to access your private Blockchain data.

  • - Validator Node: use the 83 computing cycles, the 512GB storage capacity, at a max. 65W power consumption and enjoy the benefits of your blockchain projects.

  • - Worm Guard: - cybersecurity software that runs automatically in three protective modes: defensive, preventive, and offensive.

    • - Protects your device without requiring your intervention

    • - Tests the sources & channels that intervene on your device or those that your device gets in contact with

    • - Detects and prevents malicious attacks, permanently maintaining the integrity of your network

    • - Repairs the software whose cyber security has been compromised

  • - CryptoDATA OS: is CryptoDATA Tech’s proprietary operating system. Enables the device’s connection to Blockchain technology and offers an unrivaled level of cyber security and privacy for your digital life.

  • - Secured System Applications: available in STORE (CryptoDATA Tech’s distribution platform) are internally developed to preserve users’ cyber security and digital privacy.

    • - WispR - an instant messenger app, highly secured through VOBP technology and the latest layers of encryption. Unrivaled protection for your privacy: each message, photo, call/video call, or file transfer is fully private.

    • - WORKPLACE - where you can store, sync, and share work files easily and securely with the members of your team.

    • - DOCUMENTS - includes a suite of secure office programs, easily accessible on the go.

    • - GALLERY - to store your photos and videos in the most secure place.

    • - CAMERA - enables you to take photos and make videos, edit and store them privately and securely.

Download the user manual here.

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Delivery may take between 15-30 business days.
Customs information: delivery to non-EU countries may incur customs taxes. These fees are not included in the order payment and the customer is solely responsible for covering them. Device restrictions: Due to the fact that CryptoDATA's devices use an impenetrable encryption algorithm called VOBP, you may face issues importing them to certain countries because of various restrictions imposed on these types of devices by local authorities. Please consult your country's legislation before ordering in order to be sure that you can receive these devices. See more terms and conditions
Delivery is made using courier services only. Delivery and shipment dates are estimates, and CryptoDATA does not guarantee delivery or shipment on or by such dates. CryptoDATA will make reasonable efforts to observe its dates indicated for delivery or other performance, however, CryptoDATA shall not be liable in any way for delays due to unforeseen circumstances or to causes beyond its control, including, without limitation, strike, lockout, embargo, riot, war, act of terrorism, fire, act of God, accident, failure or breakdown of components necessary to order completion, subcontractor, supplier or Customer caused delays, inability to obtain labor, materials or manufacturing facilities, or compliance with any law, regulation or order.

IMPULSE has a completely new operating system - CryptoDATA OS. 100% safe and with a user-friendly interface. Interested developers can create and upload apps on IMP BCloud, compatible with both IOS and Android (operating systems). Every app will be tested and verified by the CryptoDATA team, in order to keep and improve the users’ security.