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your new BASM

Identify the ports, adapters and accessories on your brand new BASM laptop for optimal use and experience.

Ready to
get started?

Start using your BASM laptop by lifting the lid or connecting it to power, and by pressing the “Power” button. Follow the Setup prompts, and you’re up and running.

Learn how to use your BASM
in the encrypted mode

Discover how to best use the BASM’s innovative features and securely access and store your data.

Learn to use your BASM
as a regular device

BASM can be utilized as a dual OS device. You can install any regular OS in the second partition to efficiently manage your day-to-day activities.

Stay in sync

Synchronize your CryptoDATA OS devices with your Private Key to securely access your documents, photos and files. Both BASM laptop and IMPulse K1 smartphone ensure secure access and spectral storage for your data.

Secured apps
included with your BASM

Discover a suite of secured apps developed to ensure users’ personal data privacy and professional.

Learn how to set up and use
the BASM’s secondary display

Discover the features of the secondary display and learn how to present selected information without compromising your privacy.

Install regular OS
on your BASM

Step-by-step guide to install regular OS on your BASM.

Reinstall Cryptodata OS
on your BASM

Step-by-step guide to reinstall Cryptodata OS on your BASM.

How to upgrade your

Find out about new features, apps and updates of CryptoDATA OS for both your BASM laptop and IMPulse K1.


Privacy is a fundamental right for everybody. Our devices are built to ensure user privacy and security of its data.


Integrated security-optimized features that facilitate connection between all our encrypted devices through the use of user Private Keys.

To explore all BASM features, you can also download the BASM guide.

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