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Install regular

OS on your BASM

Learn how to install regular OS on your BASM

In order to have the best experience while installing regular OS, you need to follow the next steps:

Steps to get started

Press the

Power ON button

Press and Hold the Power ON button to start your BASM.

Press the

F7 button

Press and Hold the F7 button to access the boot menu.

Select boot device

And use ↑ and ↓ Key on keyboard to select your bootable USB. Selecting Bootable USB as Boot Device.

Be aware that you must install the other OS only on disk_1 since CryptoDATA OS is already installed on disk_0. Formating disk_0 will cause erasing your CryptoDATA OS.


the setup steps

Follow the instructions to install a generic OS of your choice.

Select CryptoDATA OS

Select CryptoDATA OS

Select Guest account

Select Guest account

Enter the default

password for

“Guest” account

Enter the default password for “Guest” account - password: insecure

Open terminal application

You’ll find the Terminal application included with your other installed applications or you can press: SuperKey + T

Type sudo update-grub in the terminal application, then wait for the update to finish.

Reboot your BASM.

Select generic OS

Follow the instructions to boot into the generic OS installed on previous step.

You are now ready

You are now ready to use BASM as a regular device.

Kindly be informed that using the BASM laptop in the unencrypted mode will not ensure your privacy or the integrity of your personal data.
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