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Widgets is an essential app for the BASM users that facilitates screen customization in order to share and present selected information on the secondary display.

Steps to get started

Open the BASM

Widgets app

Open the BASM Widgets app, located on the Dock or search for the app by pressing Super Key.

Select Manager

Select Manager to enable the BASM widgets (clock, currency exchange, weather.

Select Share image

operating system

Select Share image to share a locally stored image or a snip from the screen.

Select Share screen

Select Share screen to share the displayed information on the main screen or an app.

Select Share video

Select Share video to share a locally stored video or an online video from YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud by inserting the URL.


• The Widgets app facilitates user privacy as it only displays selected information on the secondary screen.
• The person to whom the selected information is presented will sit in front of the BASM laptop and will not be able to view the potentially sensitive data displayed on the main screen.

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