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Create your account

To create an account, complete the required fields with your details. To complete the process click on ‘Register’.

*If you already have an account, click on ‘Login’ and insert your details.

Save your details

Save your details and ensure the first and last names fields are completed.

Register your HiDR

Navigate to the ‘Devices’ tab available on the left-hand side of your screen and insert the Serial Number available on the white label present on the back of your HiDR smartphone.

After inserting the Serial Number, make sure that the ‘Generate QR’ tab is selected and press ‘Generate’ to complete the process.

The following steps are to be completed on the HidR device.

Step 1

Open Settings.

Step 2

Select Google (Services and preferences).

Step 3

Open Set up & restore.

Step 4

Select Set up your work profile.

Step 5

Click on Next and wait for the download process to be completed.

Step 6

Select Accept & continue and scan the QR code available on "Register you HiDR step" . Press Accept & continue and wait for the enrolment process to be completed.

Step 7

Finishing up

Drop down the control bar and press on the Work profile icon. When the Work profile icon is illuminated your encrypted partition is activated. To only utilize your regular partition switch off your encrypted Work profile.

*When the Work profile is activated, you will receive notifications from apps in both partitions.

*When the Work profile is deactivated, you will not receive notifications from the encrypted apps.

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